Mechanical Testing Lab
Mechanical Testing Lab
TMT Testing Lab
TMT Testing Lab
TMT Testing Lab

Mechanical Testing

With the use of sophisticated instruments like UTM Impact and hardness tester IAL can provide complete range phase studies mechanical tests like tensile, Bend, impact, hardness, etc. The products can be in a form of Plates, Sheets, Rods, Bars, Structural Steels, Forgings, Die Castings, Pipes and Welded Coupons.

Approval :
National Accreditation Board for Testing Calibration Laboratory (NABL)

Standard methods followed :
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) &
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTMs)

Instruments Used :

  • Universal Tensile Testing Machine - Make UTM FIE – Model UTE

      Tests :

      • Tensile Test on Plates, pipes, bars etc.
      • Wires/ Thin Foils
      • Fine Wires/Foils with Graph
      • Tensile Test/ Breaking Load Test on TMT / TOR Steel Bar
      • Bend/Rebend Test
      • Bend Test on Plates
      • Bend Test on Torr Steel
      • Rebend Test on Plates
      • Rebend Test on Torr Steel Nick Break Test

Impact Test :

  • Charpy Impact testing M/C
    Model : IT-30 (ASTM)
  • Pendulum Impact Testing M/C
    Model : IT-30 (IS/BS/ISO)

Hardness Test :

  • Rockwell & Brinell Combined Hardness Tester : FIE - Model : RASNB
  • Vickers Hardness Tester : FIE - Model : VM-50

Miscellaneous Tests

  • Flattening / Flaring / Flanging Test on Pipes
  • Compression Test on Spring
  • Proof load test on nuts
  • Wedge Load test on Bolts
  • Reverse Bend Test
  • Load Testing on Hooks
  • Load Testing on Assemblies / Breaking Load Test
  • Fracture Test on Fillet Weld

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